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Don't covet convenience and buy long data lines.-金沙1333js备用地点-金沙2015官网

Date:2018-05-28 Hits:115
We can do a test. First, we prepare two phone data lines of different lengths, one length of 1 meters, and the other with a length of 1.5 meters. This shows that the same size and amount of copper wire in the two data lines and the same charger are the same, with the same Android mobile phone at 10%. Wait, charge 30 minutes successively. It was found that charging 1 meters long mobile phone data line to 38%, while charging 1.5 meters long mobile phone data line is 26%. What I want to tell you here is that the shorter the cell phone data line, the greater the power, the smaller the resistance, and the faster the charging speed. On the contrary, the longer the data line, the smaller the power, the greater the resistance, and the slower the charging speed.-澳门金沙j