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What are the factors that speed of data lines?-41668.com金沙-澳门金沙15777

Date:2018-05-28 Hits:110
1, the transmission speed of data line is also related to the storage device of mobile phone. When the memory capacity of mobile phone reaches saturation, the transmission rate will be greatly reduced. If you want to download important files, you'd better release the memory of your mobile phone. So as not to delay your precious time.
2, there is nothing to do with the thickness of the data line, but only with the copper wire inside. The thicker the copper wire is, the faster the data will be spread. If the inside is iron wire or copper clad steel, it will affect the transmission function of data.
3. The speed of the data line transmission is related to the length of the data line. In the same situation, the shorter the length of the data line is, the faster the data is transmitted. The charging speed is also fast.
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