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Purchase or use FPC connector's five point product knowledge explanation-澳门金沙7249.com手机-金沙j

Date:2018-10-16 Hits:20
FPC connector is one of many connectors, which is often used on the PCB board of electronic products. While on different PCB boards, FPC connector should choose the FPC connector of the corresponding size according to the requirements of the corresponding electronic products and equipment. Generally speaking, the size of FPC connectors and the available space of electronic devices are important considerations, because generally the smaller the size of FPC connector products, the smaller the contact spacing of FPC connectors, and the higher the density of contact parts. This tight FPC connector contact design generally means less insulation and less force, so when you choose or use FPC connectors, the following five FPC connector product knowledge you should know;
1. When choosing FPC connectors, the first thing to consider is whether the selected FPC connectors can meet the voltage and current requirements of electronic products PCB board, according to the understanding of electronic engineers connector products for low-level circuits or power circuits. Because the FPC connector can not be operated without current, so in the case of low current and low voltage, because it can not penetrate the oxide layer, it is necessary to choose the contact coating is not easy to oxidize the FPC connector.

2. General enterprises in the production of electronic products need to purchase FPC connectors, are advised to choose high-temperature FPC connectors, because electronic products in operation will produce operating temperature, if the production of electronic products in the selection of high-temperature FPC connectors, you can reduce the high-temperature state of bad. Effect. If the use of some ordinary high-temperature FPC connectors will not be able to bear when the working temperature is too high, it may cause burning connectors or electronic PCB board, affecting the use of electronic products.


3. If the production of electronic equipment products using FPC connectors when the number of insertion and separation is very small, can consider the use of low-cost ordinary contact parts of FPC connectors. Because the contact pressure in FPC connector is an important indicator, if the larger contact pressure means greater insertion force and pull-out force, it is a direct impact on the size of contact resistance and contact wear.
Fourthly, when using FPC connector, do not frequently plug and unplug FPC connector which has been on the PCB board, because if the connector terminals and other components of FPC connector are subject to certain wear, when the wear reaches a certain wear-resistant value, it will lead to the mechanical life of FPC connector reduced, thus shadowing. Ring FPC connector life.
5. Do not insert the FPC connector tilted when using the electronic equipment, because this may cause the pin connection of the FPC connector is not fully in place with the electronic equipment, and other connections or lines on the electronic equipment should not be arbitrarily unplugged or unplugged phenomenon, whether or not it may lead to the FPC connector in use to build. Some data abnormity or connection loss.
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