How to take a screenshot on Firefox

On firefox browser click a right click on your mouse or use two finger click if you are using a mobilde device or a touch device, a menu will appear, select "take a screenshot" button of the menu

After clicking on "take a screenshot" button you will be able to choose one of those options available

Save full page

Save visible

Drag using the cursor to select an area to capture

At the end you can click "Copy" or "download" the captured screenshot.

Clicking Download will launch the download of the screenshot

Clicking Copy will send the screenshot to the clipboard

How to take a screenshot on Chrome

On chrome you will need to use a third party app in order to be able to take a screenshot , that is the easy way to do it

However there's a hidden tool offered by chrome on the developer area, to get to it use the following buttons

Ctrl + Shift + I to open the console on the developer area

then use Ctrl + Shift + P

and then enter " screenshot "

You will have 3 options

Capture area screenshot to take a screenshot of a specific area , by using draging the cursor you will be able to specify the area to capture

Capture full size screenshot to take a full screenshot of all the browser

Capture screenshot to take a screenshot of the current active window opened on the browser

How to take a screenshot on safari

On safari the only option is to download and activate an extention that will allow you to take a screenshot

How to take a screenshot on microsoft edge

On edge browser you can take a screenshot by following those steps:

First you need to click on "add notes"

A purple bar will appear , on this bar you can use the floppy disc icon directly to save a full screenshot

Or you can use the cropping icon to select a custom area to capture then use floppy disc icon to save it

Then click on the "reading list" , give your screenshot a name and hit save and then close the purple bar

To save your screenshot on your compter use this icon

then click the "reading list" icon , then select the screenshot to save, next it should appear on the current tab

The final move is to click a right click using your mouse on the current tab that contain the screenshot and select "save image"