How to take a full screenshot

Click on this combination of buttons to take a full screen of your mac

+ Shift + 3

This should take an entire screenshot of your mac and save the screenshot as PNG image by default the name will be "Screen shot + date of today including time.png" for example :"Screen shot 2021-06-18 at 10.34.33 AM.png"

How to take a screenshot of specific area of the screen

First click on this combination of buttons:
+ Shift + 4

Then the cursor will change to a crosshair , after that use the cursor tp specify the area to capture.

by holding down Shift Option or Spacebar you can change the shape of the captured area.

After letting go of the cursor you can use ESC to cancel and clear the selected area

How to take a screenshot of a window or a menu

In the first place click this combination of button

+ Shift + 5

After that the cursor will change to a camera icon , move the cursor over the window that you want to capture to select it or highlight it, at the end click to save the image captured as a png picture.

Note that in this case you can use Spacebar to switch between screenshot of specific area and capturing a window or a menu

How to take a screenshot of the Touch bar

On Mac's with a touch bar , by using this combination of buttons you will be able to take a screenshot of the touchbar

+ Shift + 6

The captured image will be saved as a PNG

Change where screenshot are saved

The screenshot on Mac by default are saved on desktop, to change that you can open the tool by using this combination of buttons

+ Shift + 5

Or by going to launchpad > Other > Screenshot > options

Then under the Save to menu section select the default place to save screenshots

You can choose Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages, Preview, or click Other location and choose a custom folder where to save images captured.

Send Screenshot to Clipboard instead of saving it

By default screenshot are saved on your computer, instead of that screenshot can be sent to clipboard and not saved , you can acheive that by adding the button Control to the above combinations

+ Shift + Control + 3 to screenshot entire screen and send it to clipboard

+ Shift + Control + 4 to screenshot a custom area of the screen and send it to clipboard

Then you can save or use the captured image by using those buttons

+ V

Change Captured image format

All images captured as screenshot are saved as a PNG format, to change that and switch to other format go to

Launchpad > Other > Terminal and then enter this command:

defaults write tpe JPG to switch to a JPG format for example

it may ask for a password, enter it if asked, then restart your MAC , all screenshot after completing the above command and restarting your Mac will be saved as a JPG format.